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We Supply, Install & Repair

At Phipps Roofing we supply, install and repair most soffits, fascias and guttering products (plus other associated roofing items such as box ends and bargeboards). These products come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colours, from cost effective uPVC to striking timber and aluminium alternatives. Whether it’s pricing, durability or ease of installation, we can help advise you on the best options to suite your requirements. To enquire please call us on 0208 660 5443 or send us a message.

What Are Soffits?

Soffits form the ceiling section between the top of the house wall and the bottom edge of the roof (essentially bridging the gap between the two). They protect the rafters from external elements but also help to improve the overall finished look of the roof. The most common materials used in soffits are uPVC (cheap, weather resistant and low maintenance), timber (visually striking with a natural timeless appeal), steel / aluminium (long lasting durable materials) and fibre cement (lightweight and extremely weatherproof).

What Are Fascias?

Fascias are long straight facing boards that run around the bottom edge of the roof. They are usually fixed to the ends of the roof trusses or rafters and carry the weight of the bottom row of tiles as well as the guttering (the guttering is attached to the fascia and bird guards can be used to prevent nesting between the breather membrane and the roof tiles). The most common materials used in fascia boards are uPVC (cheap, versatile and low maintenance), timber (aesthetically pleasing) and aluminium (durable and low maintenance but more expensive).

Types Of Guttering

Guttering forms a very important part of any roofing structure, collecting, channeling and dispersing rain water down and away. But guttering also contributes to the appearance of the house, and as such is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The most common and cost effective gutters fitted across the UK are half round gutters (usually made of uPVC), but for those who prefer something a little different, options such as K-style, box, old traditional and Heritage look-a-like guttering is also available in materials that include aluminium, copper, vinyl and again uPVC.

Examples Of Our Soffits / Fascias / Guttering