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We Are Leadwork Specialists

Our passion since the 1990’s has been leadwork, from stepped lead flashings on domestic roofing to full lead roof constructions on listed buildings that require the highest levels of craftsmanship. Our founder Nick Phipps specialised in leadwork from the very start as an apprentice and that enthusiasm for the craft has passed down through the family to Eamon Phipps who now heads up the business with his father. Whatever your leadwork requirements, you’re in safe hands with us.

Heritage Projects

As experts in leadwork, Phipps Roofing have the knowledge and skills to undertake the most complex and intricate leadwork designs on listed buildings and Heritage Projects. Nick Phipps, Eamon Phipps and Nicholas Connolly from our leadership team are all highly experienced in the craft, with Eamon and Nicholas holding Heritage Certification.

Lead Hoppers

There is a long standing tradition of marking leadwork in areas of quality craftmanship or specialist application, such as churches, old country houses and rain water hoppers. Our very own Eamon Phipps specialises in sculpting bespoke lead hoppers and emblems, which can be personalised to customer requirements and positioned centre stage on grand display within finished leadwork areas. For more information on Eamon’s lead sculpting please get in touch.

Working With Lead

Lead uses fewer laps and joints than most man made alternatives, making for a very weathertight building material. It can be crafted with great precision to create a perfect finish and can be installed in most weather conditions with no curing time, reducing labour costs and knock on effects to any following trades. Lead is also vastly sustainable, being known to last way beyond the life cycle of most building products – which in turn makes it very cost effective.

A Natural Material

Lead is a very old building product first used by the Egyptians thousands of years ago. But it’s still very relevant in construction today, utilised in all types of building projects from lead flashings in standard British homes to grand lead roofs on iconic Heritage Projects. Being a natural material, lead is also recyclable and more environmentally friendly than chemical based alternatives, with no waste going to landfill.

Examples Of Our Leadwork