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Existing Roofs & New Roofs

As a company Phipps Roofing have been re-roofing and re-tiling existing roofs, and tiling new roofs and new build developments for decades. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in all types of roof tiling and slating, so our customers can rest assured they will receive the very best advice and service, guaranteed under the Competent Roofing Scheme.


Upon receiving an roof tiling enquiry, we visit you on site to carry out a no obligation survey. We take measurements, check for problems and underlying roof damage, then show and discuss different roof tile shapes, materials, ventilation, finishes and colours, plus answer any questions you may have. Please note house plans are always helpful if you have them to hand. Once finished we take all relevant information and notes back to the office so that a written estimate can be prepared and sent to you via email or post.


Upon being instructed to install a roof for a customer, we start by planning the finished layout to achieve even tile spacing and correct overlap of the roof tiles (it’s amazing how many builders and roofers skip this vital first step). The actual installation involves rolling out and fixing the undersarking, gauging batten spacing to roof size and manufacturer specifications, and fixing the tiles into place with appropriate ventilation. Once the main roof slopes are completed, we move onto the more intricate areas such as verges, ridges, valleys and stepped lead flashings. Finished roofs are guaranteed under the Competent Roofing Scheme.

Types Of Roof Tiles

There are several different types of roof tiles and slates to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The art of selecting the correct tile is based on a number of factors, such as shape, texture, weight, colour and era, as well as taking into consideration roof pitch, structure, ventilation, and materials incorporated into the building. Our surveyor can bring along samples, answer questions and discuss your requirements at survey.

Examples Of Our Roof Tiling