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FAQ's About Roofing

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Is Phipps Roofing owned by a bigger company?
No. Phipps Roofing is solely owned by the Phipps family, has been for over 20 years and will continue to be for the next 20 years. We are very proud of our work and every roof we undertake to build is fully guaranteed.
My roof is leaking what should I do first?
Call us straightaway or click the home button at the top of this page and send us a 'request a Call Back' and select 'urgent repair' in the drop down box. We will call you and advise you of the best solution depending on how serious the leak is.
How quickly can you come and have a look at my roof?
When you call us we will arrange a suitable time for us to visit your property usually in the next 48 hours, if you are local.
What time of the year is best to completely replace my roof?
Obviously, the dryer months are a better time to remove an old roof and replace it but we are used to working all year round and if complete cover with scaffolding is required we can organise this so the building is always protected.
How much would it cost me to get a quote for my roof?
Phipps Roofing supplies free estimates and quotations.
I have a leak in my roof but it looks in good condition.
If it can be repaired to an acceptable level, that's what we will recommend.
Can you help me with Building Regulations and Planning Permission?
All our work complies to Building Regulations. As far as Planning Permission is concerned we will be happy to advise you.
What does my house building insurance cover me for?
It really depends on your level of cover but most insurance companies cover you for storm damage such as slipped or broken ridge tiles and any damage they might have caused. Chimney stacks are also vulnerable to high winds.
How do I make an insurance claim, should I contact you first?
You should call your insurance company and tell them your roof has been damaged. They will usually ask you to get 3 quotes from roofing companies. They will probably stipulate that you only contact roofing companies that are members of The National Federation of Roofing Companies (NFRC) like Phipps Roofing.
Can Phipps Roofing deal with the insurance company for me?
In some cases yes.
I work all day. If I can't be at the property can you still have a look at my roof?
As long as we can see the roof and or gain access to all areas via a garage roof for example we can normally prepare an initial estimate.
What sort of quality guarantees can you give me?
Phipps Roofing guarantees all work to a high standard. We provide a ten year guarantee which can be insured if requested.
If you need scaffolding erected, do we have to arrange this or will you?
We will arrange scaffold for you if it is required and the cost will be separate to our estimate.
I live in a terraced house with limited all round access. Can you still carry out the work?
The scaffolders can get scaffold either through the house or over the roof to give us safe working conditions.
Do you fit any outside lighting to the soffits?
Yes, we have fixed spot lights into the soffits and they can be very effective.
Is your the guarantee transferable, if I sell my property?
Yes. If you sell your property just let us know and we will transfer the guarantee into the name of the new owner provided it is still within the guarantee period. There is however a £100 charge to do this.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cheques or bank transfers.
68 Oakwood Avenue,
Purley, Surrey, CR8 1AQ
020 8660 5443

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